Claude E. Nunn III

Claude is the president of Nunn Better Nutrition and has been a certified executive/working chef for 45 years throughout the United States and internationally, with extensive experience in diners, dinner houses, high-end restaurants, four- and five-star resorts, hotels and private clubs. Within those venues, guests have included heads of state, celebrities, corporate executives and U.S. presidents from Reagan to Obama. Claude graduated from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and an immersion program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. His culinary, nutrition, wellness, cross-fit and urban-farming training, experience and education have led him to develop and deliver a three-in-one wellness concept and healthy-lifestyle model that helps people to help themselves. Claude’s philosophy as a wellness chef is a model of ancient, old-world and rebirthed theories and practices encompassing body, soul and spirit. He uses this model version of creation, consciousness and conception to lead people to a better understanding of the benefits of mindful and conscious eating, and an awareness of the power of superfoods. Spiritual awareness and earthly elements produce a healthier, stronger and more intuitive body.